Have you ever complained about something? Seen something that you thought should change? It’s probably because you wanted that thing to be different or better, but maybe you didn’t know how to go about making it happen. We’re here to help!

Local Young Communities are groups of young people working together to create the positive changes they’d like to see in their communities. There are four groups currently, representing the areas in and around Deer Park, St Albans, Sunshine and Sydenham.

The work you do in this group totally depends on you, but you might:

  • Design and conduct consultations with local young people
  • Design and run skill-building workshops and events for young people
  • Get to know how Council works, who your Councillors are, and inform other young people about how to navigate Council.
  • Design and run events, campaigns or projects to creatively address key issues or topics that are important to you and your area.

The Local Young Communities meet fortnightly at Deer Park Library (Tuesdays), St Albans Library (Wednesdays), Sunshine Library (Wednesdays) and Sydenham Library (Thursdays). Check the calendar and drop into the next meeting! Participation in these groups is on a voluntary basis but paid opportunities are likely to come up throughout the year.

We want to hear from ALL young people. You don’t need to fill in any long forms or commit to any length of time. We’re happy for you to just show up to a meeting one evening, or even just watch us and figure out if you’d like to be involved.

You can let us know you’d like to come along to a meeting, or ask us any questions you might have by:
Emailing | bys@brimbank.vic.gov.au
Texting | 0438195930
Calling | 03 9249 4124

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